2023 Goals

We are almost a week into the New Year, and some of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolutions. That’s assuming that we actually set any. This is why, several years ago, I switched from resolutions to goals.

Yes, dear readers, it’s that time of year again. Sharing my updated annual goals has become a bit of a tradition around here. And if you know me… well, you probably already know that I’m nothing if not a sucker for a good tradition.

I know, I know. There’s a lot of mixed feelings this time of year around resolutions and goal setting. Personally, I’m energized by the idea of a reset, and January 1 seems like as good a time as any.

My goals for the coming year are pretty similar to last year. While I made progress on nearly all of my goals last year, there are aspects of them that I didn’t fully accomplish, or ways that they have changed slightly.

I love using the Powersheets Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters to help me determine my goals each year. This is my 6th year using them, and I’ve made significant progress on some major life goals since I started. Over the years, I’ve learned how to make goals and break them down into actionable steps so that I can actually accomplish the things I want to do.  I highly recommend using some sort of goal planner as you prayerfully consider what goals you want to achieve this year.

Thanks to my Powersheets helping me stay on track, I was able to make good progress on my goals in 2022 and am looking forward to see what I will accomplish in 2023. I posted about my 2022 goals here.

What worked in 2022:

I made good progress on many of my goals for 2022. My first two goals last year had to do with editing, submitting, and writing a couple of new projects. I was able to nearly complete these goals, and am now in the editing stages of my two new manuscripts that I worked on in 2022.

I also made some good progress in developing content for my monthly newsletter, as well as delving into personal Bible study and learning. And while I wasn’t able to move my body every single day, I did carve out a solid summer routine and was able to get back to running twice a week before the weather turned nasty in November.

What didn’t work in 2022:

Consistently developing content here on the blog was a struggle in 2022. I feel like I went in fits and starts a bit. I’m still working out what it means to consistently serve you, my readers, in ways that are meaningful and helpful, while also having time to work on my passion projects, namely, my fiction writing.

One thing that is hard for me, especially during the winter, is getting outside instead of watching movies or TV all the time. I am wholeheartedly in love with stories and storytelling- always have been. So when I’m presented with a choice to go do something outside (especially when it’s freaking cold) or curl up with a movie or book, I’ll choose the story almost every time. I know this isn’t always the healthiest choice, which is why I’m continuing to make this a carryover goal from last year.

My 2023 goals:

  1. Curate deeper connections/friendships within our community.
  2. Steward finances well.
  3. Cultivate life rhythms that include more time outside and/or working on Legacy Projects (more on those in another post).
  4. Create a warm, inviting home environment.
  5. Grow in both the business and creativity of writing.
  6. Expand my expertise in teaching.
  7. Create fun experiences/connections within our family.
  8. Practice self-care through movement, healthy eating choices, and intentional rest.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be breaking down each goal into some action steps and sub-goals and pulling back the curtain on how each goal is going throughout the year. I’d love to help support you in achieving your goals as well. If you need some tips for goal setting, check out this post. I invite you to share them with me, and together we can achieve some big things in 2023!

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