From Goal to Action: Relationships

I recently shared my 2023 goals and what worked and what didn’t in 2022. Starting this week, I’m breaking down each goal into specific action steps to help me make progress on my goals.

As I break down each goal, it’s important to take the long view. This goal-setting process isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. And when it comes to relationships and community, this long view is even more important.

Deep friendships are rarely formed in the space of a day. Time, shared experiences, and trust are all needed to create deeper relationships. The action steps I’m listing today are daily, weekly, and monthly actions I plan to implement over the first quarter of the year, helping me implement rhythms and routines that create an atmosphere in my life where relationships can flourish.

How do I do this? Let’s break it down into some action steps.

  • Read one book about friendship this year. I’ve chosen Messy, Beautiful Friendship by Christine Hoover. I’ve read this before, and it’s really good. I’ll be starting it in February if anyone wants to read along. (Yearly)
  • Make time to message or chat with at least one friend every day. This can be existing friends, new acquaintances, or church members that I’m building relationships with. (Daily)
  • Invite a friend to walk with me once a week. This one’s a two-fer because it also gets me outside and moving my body! (Weekly)
  • Work with church leaders to plan once a month social gatherings. (Monthly)

How do you curate deeper relationships within your home, church, work, or friendship communities? I’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment to join the conversation.

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