Rhythms: Practicing a November Pause

Do you ever feel like the minutes of the day move by at a snail’s pace, but then look at the calendar and realize it’s already time to turn another page or prepare for another change of season? If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. But while it sometimes feels that time is passing byContinue reading “Rhythms: Practicing a November Pause”

Traditions: Soup Sunday

The house is still quiet when I rise from my bed. Most mornings, the smell of brewed coffee greets me, but today I am the first to tread the creaking floorboards. After the normal Friday rituals— Bible, coffee, Instagram— I find myself in the kitchen, mixing flour and water together in anticipation of crusty bread.Continue reading “Traditions: Soup Sunday”

Origin Stories and Legacies

Hello, lovely readers! I’m curious. Who’s your favorite superhero? Personally, I’m a big fan of Batman (Michael Keaton or Christian Bale versions, thankyouverymuch). I love that Batman is a regular guy with really, really cool technology. I’m nerdy like that. If I could have a superpower? I think I’d have to pick time travel. MaybeContinue reading “Origin Stories and Legacies”

Happy Birthday to Me: 3 tips for fun and unique birthday traditions

Hello, lovely readers! Guess what? It’s birthday week!! I love birthday week! My birthday is on Sunday this year and my hubby is taking me to see Fiddler on the Roof, one of my all-time favorite musicals. (Side note: Fiddler is one of the very first musicals I saw live. Thanks to my friend JanelleContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Me: 3 tips for fun and unique birthday traditions”

Guest Post: Jordan Williams

Hello, lovely readers! Today, we continue with my guest post series from fellow hope*writers about Fall, Legacy, and Traditions. Today’s post is from Jordan Williams, and I just love her imagery and use of words. I want to fall right into the places and spaces she talks about. Read on: Opening the Windows My peopleContinue reading “Guest Post: Jordan Williams”

Guest Post: Jennifer Howland

Hello, lovely readers! I’m so excited to host my first ever guest post! Fellow hope*writer Jennifer Howland tells stories of legacies of women in her family, that ultimately lead to the most important legacy we leave: our eternal legacy. Read on: Autumn is saturated with sensory feelings and experiences that we love. So often, allContinue reading “Guest Post: Jennifer Howland”

Wake Me Up When September Ends

It seems to me that September has often brought change and transition into my life. Obviously, there’s the years of navigating those first days of school, first as a student and later as a teacher. There was the year in high school when September brought me an unlooked-for breakup, and another year when it sawContinue reading “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

Wide Open Spaces: Four Ways to Necessary Life Margins

My margins are shrinking again. I’m not sure I like it. Pre-pandemic, in response to years of living out the tagline, “I thrive on chaos,” I’d placed some solid margins and boundaries in my life because the reality was that I wasn’t thriving. At all. For a season, my margins grew wider, and it wasContinue reading “Wide Open Spaces: Four Ways to Necessary Life Margins”

The Legacy Maker’s Manifesto

Happy #writingwednesday, friends! Today I’m sharing something that’s been resonating in my heart for a long time, but that I’ve only recently been able to put words to. It’s called The Legacy Maker’s Manifesto, and it speaks to so much of why I do what I do, and what so much of my writing isContinue reading “The Legacy Maker’s Manifesto”