Moving Forward: Goals for 2022

Hello, lovely readers!

Welcome to 2022! Thanks for being here and sticking with me as we’ve navigated the ups and downs of the last couple of years.

I like to start the year off with a post about goal setting. If you’re new to goal setting, I wrote a post last year that explains my process and gives 3 practical tips to keep in mind when setting goals. You can read it here.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Tony Robbins

We all have goals and dreams, but don’t always verbalize them. It can feel scary to say some of those big dreams out loud! I used to set New Year’s resolutions, but always failed by mid-February (or earlier). Since switching to setting goals for the year, I’ve found much more success in making progress. For example, I used to dream of writing books, but it wasn’t until I started practicing goal setting that I was able to finally complete a manuscript. Still working on that publication piece.

Before I dive into my goals for 2022, I want to share a quick review of 2021’s goals and the progress I made. In full transparency, I didn’t fully achieve my 2021 goals. However, I did make progress on them, and many of them have rolled over into 2022.

What worked in 2021

I accomplished a lot of small projects this year. I worked on several yarn projects, I read and learned a lot, I planned and hosted graduation parties and spent a lot of quality time with my daughter before she flew off to England. I worked hard at physical therapy and listened to my body and my doctors when I needed a more medical intervention for my foot injury.

What didn’t work in 2021

I struggled this year to find balance. Rather than making steady progress with specific action steps toward my goals, I tended to hyper focus on other activities. Reading 109 books last year is just one example of this hyper focus. And while reading all those books was enjoyable, it also was a distraction from making progress, specifically in the area of writing.

The great thing about not fully meeting my goals last year is that it taught me some things about myself. I learned that when things are hard or in turmoil (and last year had a lot of that), I tend to be a bit escapist. It probably explains why I was able to read 109 books last year. I also learned how easy it was to “eat my feelings” last year, especially when I was discouraged about the different physical injuries I experienced.

Now that I know what worked and what didn’t, I’m excited to move forward with fresh focus for my 2022 goals. I’ll use what I learned about myself to find a better balance this year, which will hopefully translate into even more progress and success this year.

Goal setting experts say that sharing goals with someone else contributes to the success of the goal. I’m sharing them with you, dear readers, to encourage you in your own journey, and to give myself some accountability with my goals.

We talk a lot about the legacies we hope to leave here on the blog, and my goals are a reflection of that. If you haven’t set any goals for the coming year, it’s not too late! I would love for you to join me on our goal journey. There’s nothing magical about January 1.

Goals for 2022

  1. Edit my historical romance manuscript by mid-February. I’m headed to a writer’s conference in February and planning to pitch it to an agent.
  2. Works In Progress: Finish my current sweet romance first draft, and begin work on the planned sequel.
  3. Writing: Continue to create blog content and publish a monthly newsletter.
  4. Health and Wellness: Make wise food choices and move my body daily.
  5. Relationships: Be intentional about getting outside, being inviting, and having fun with family and friends.
  6. Growing and Learning through daily Bible study, reflection, and studying other areas of interest.

Little by little, progress adds up.

Lara Casey

For some of us, six goals might seem like a lot. One thing that I like to keep in mind is that these are big goals for the whole year. Some of them will require small, daily changes (eating healthy and daily movement), others will take an approach with a wider lens, like being intentional about relationships, and some of them have more finite time lines, such as editing my manuscript by mid-February. My goals will not all happen in January. Some of them might not even start in January (see Goal #2). Taking the long view of our goals and practicing daily habits and action steps is what leads to long-term success. As goal setting guru Lara Casey likes to say, “Little by little, progress adds up.”

I’d love to hear about your goals and dreams for 2022. Are you a goal setter? Or are you new to goal setting? I’d love to hear about your process and your progress and cheer you on this year! Drop a comment below with your goals or, if you are new to goal setting, with any questions!

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7 thoughts on “Moving Forward: Goals for 2022

  1. I love your goals for this year. I appreciate your earnest assessment from last year. I can certainly relate. I too set goals/resolutions. I usually complete at least one resolution and one goal each year, but the rest tend to fall off. This year’s focus for me is: read 50 books, write 52 hours, abstain from purchasing or checking out more books until I’ve read and returned borrowed books, feed myself a minimum of two smoothies per week. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a start and it’s direction.
    Happy New Year Becca!


  2. I’ve always tried to set goals, but they’ve mostly been vague stuff. This year, I plan to turn them into SMART goals, and we’ll see what happens after that! Anyway, thanks for sharing your goals with us, Rebecca!


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