2021 Year in Review: Book Edition

Hello, lovely readers!

If you know one thing about me besides my love of rhythms, routines, and traditions, you know that I love stories with all my heart. Stories are probably my favorite thing in the whole, wide world, and have been from the time I was a very small girl growing up in Montana.

I’ve never really been a person who keeps track of what I’ve read and what I haven’t, but over the last few years, the GoodReads app has helped me get better at this. Many of my friends like to set yearly goals for how many books they read over the year, and last year I thought I’d join the challenge. My initial goal was to read 25 books in 2021. For some of you, this sounds like a lot, but when I mentioned this goal to my family, they laughed at me. Not because the goal was too high, but because it was too low.

They say that good writers are avid readers.

I’m actually embarassed to admit how many books I read in 2021. Sometime back in October I realized that I might be able to hit 100 books this year.

I finished book 109 last night.

This number doesn’t include books that I reread that were already on my GoodReads app (like 6 of the Anne books by L.M. Montgomery). I think I have a problem.

Obviously, I love to read. It’s my absolute favorite pasttime, and now that my kids are grown, I have more time for reading. It’s also a fact that my time for writing goes down when I read this much. I’m hoping to bring a little more balance to my reading/writing life in 2022.

I won’t share my entire list here, but instead, I’ll share my favorite book from each month. Come hang out with me on GoodReads for my entire list. You can find me here.













Honorable Mentions

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