Menu Monday: Kitchen Update

Happy #menumonday, friends!

Our kitchen is still in full remodel mode, so today I’ll be sharing a bit about how we’re surviving and what’s working in the kitchen these days. The next few weeks will bring the big push to get the final cabinetry out and the new stuff will start to go in. That means makeshift dinners for a few weeks yet, so Menu Monday posts probably won’t pick back up until May.

Overall, my kitchen is still fully functional, even though we’ve disconnected a lot and removed all of the old flooring. Everything is sitting on subfloor right now, there’s precious little counter space, and my stove, dishwasher, and sink are currently “floating,” but it’s all still connected and working. We’ve had a few times when we haven’t been quite ready to turn on the power to the stove, so I’ve been improvising.

Here are some kitchen gadgets that are saving my bacon right now:
-Instant pot
-Rice cooker
-Electric skillet
-Outdoor grill

Over the last few weeks, here’s what we’ve been gravitating to:

-Grilled burgers/steak/chicken with a fresh green salad.
-Creamy pasta and chicken dishes made in the instant pot.
-Breakfast skillets (hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, cheese, cooked in the electric skillet)
-Veggie based chicken curry with rice and lentils

Some of these still require the use of my cooktop, but could easily be transferred to the Instant pot or electric skillet, depending on the dish. We’ve also been eating out a bit more, cooking and dishes are more of a chore with no counter space. But these simple ideas and handy gadgets are allowing us to eat at home more than I expected during this process.

We are quickly approaching at least a few days of no access to my stove, which means I’m on the lookout for recipes that won’t require my oven or a cooktop. Send your ideas my way!

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