FMF: Sunrise

Welcome to something new! I recently discovered Five Minute Friday, and this is my first week to participate! FMF sends a weekly writing prompt every Friday, and writers use the prompt to do a 5 minute free write. Then, we share our words with our readers and each other as part of a weekly link-up.

I don’t often see the sunrise.

I lie abed, dreaming of the day to come, of the years ahead.

Eventually, the smells of coffee and ink call me from beneath the covers, and I rise to meet the day, the sun already smiling from a high perch in the sky.

There are occasional moments in deep winter when the days are short and the nights are long, the sun still asleep when I slide from beneath the warmth of down and cotton

and I hold a steaming cup and read the words of life and glimpse the pale thin streaks of winter sun as they break through the long cold night.

I don’t often see the sunrise.

Not a sunrise.

Summer finds me chasing cooler mornings, running after the pinks and purples and oranges of sunsets that glow like fire that burns around us and pray that the smoke stays away.

Heat radiates from asphalt as feet pound pavement in search of the uncapturable, ever elusive, but always glorious moment when the sun says goodnight.

I don’t often see the sunrise.

And yet, I rise each day with faith that the sun will rise, has risen, bringing new mercies, new dreams, new plans as I rise to meet the day.

I don’t often see the sunrise, but I trust in it every single day.

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