The Plum Tree: A Writing Wednesday Poem

It’s #writingwednesday!! I’m so excited to share this poem with you today. The inspiration for it happened while I was on a neighborhood run late last week. Enjoy!

The Plum Tree

When I was on a run today I ran by the plum tree
You know the one that In Spring smells like hope
and dreams and white flowers fall on new green grass
but then later drops its squishy overripe fruit
all over the sidewalk so that runners must choose—
dodge or drag the fermented smells along.
And as I ran by the trees
—for it is multiple trees or
stems of trees that have become one—
it gave a wooden creak that sounded like the opening of a door.
You know the kind, the ones with secret keys
and secret gardens and they creak with sound,
old wood that has worn with the voices of years,
Voices of stories told that called to me to enter,
Called to me to explore the world of stories and imagination,
but I was on a run and the sound of shoes on pavement
outweighed the pull of the plum tree.

I hope you enjoyed it! One of these days, I’ll open that door to my imagination and follow where it leads… just not when I’m out on a run! When was the last time you allowed your imagination to take you somewhere new? I’d love to hear about it!

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