{Menu Monday: 10.5.20}

Happy October, everyone! Our weather has been gorgeous here this week! My husband and I even took our paddle boards out on Saturday for one last hurrah because it was so nice out! This week it is supposed to cool down and feel more like October, which means the menu plan will change a bit to reflect the cooler season.
I’ve been reading Welcome Home by Myquillin Smith, @thenester on Insta, and I love her perspective on letting the feelings of the season tell you when to change things like home decor. She encourages us to focus on our five senses for how we welcome the seasons into our homes, and taste is a perfect way to welcome Fall. Summer tastes like burgers on the grill and colorful fresh veggies from the Farmer’s Market, but Fall tastes like soups and stews and zucchini from the garden. I’m pretty sad that my zucchini didn’t produce very much this year.
I had chili on my plan last week, but then it ended up being 80 degrees outside, so you’ll notice it’s making another appearance this week. I can’t wait! Check out this week’s menu plan:
Monday- Chicken Street Tacos
Tuesday- Chicken and Rice Pilaf
Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday- Gyros (homemade)
Friday- Chili
Sunday- Chicken Curry
If you missed it, I released the first edition of my new monthly newsletter on September 30th. I’ll be releasing a new edition at the end of each month, and subscribers get exclusive access to family favorite recipes, current inspiring things, seasonal playlists, personal reflections, poems, and short stories, and basically, all. the. things. If you want to leave a legacy that matters, and you want to learn to curate rhythms, routines, and traditions in your home that help you, then you should subscribe. We’ll be talking all things Thanksgiving in the next edition. Click here to sign up.

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