{Menu Monday: 9.28.20}

It’s #menumonday, friends! Fall is in full swing around here. We’ve been having soup, cozying up with warm socks and good books and I’m not sad about it. The weather is looking to warm up a bit this week, so I’m hoping for one more last hurrah of summer, maybe we’ll get a chance to take our paddle boards out one last time. October is just around the corner!
I’m so excited for my first ever newsletter to drop on Wednesday! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that by clicking here. Subscribers get exclusive content to recipes, poetry, short stories, and more!
As we head into the final quarter of 2020, I know there’s some apprehension out there. There’s so much happening in the world and it can feel so heavy at times. I pray this week that you will enjoy the seasons changing, enjoy the warmer weather (if that’s happening where you are), enjoy the small things that make life fun. Maybe enjoy some good food while you’re at it.
Here’s the plan for the week:
Monday- Enchilada Casserole
Tuesday- Steak and Veggies
Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday- Chicken with Pesto and Pasta
Friday- Chili
Saturday- leftovers
Sunday- Chicken Pad Thai
If you’re a subscriber, I’ll see you in your inbox on Wednesday! Can’t wait!

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