The Legacy Maker’s Manifesto

Happy #writingwednesday, friends!

Today I’m sharing something that’s been resonating in my heart for a long time, but that I’ve only recently been able to put words to.

It’s called The Legacy Maker’s Manifesto, and it speaks to so much of why I do what I do, and what so much of my writing is about.

If the Manifesto resonates with you, I’d like to encourage you to let me know how, or if it resonates but you don’t know how to make it happen, I’d also love to hear from you, so that I can better serve you.

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The Legacy Maker’s Manifesto

We recognize that everyone leaves some sort of legacy.

With intention, we are building a heritage that will make a difference for future generations.

We do this by…

-Building household rhythms that create harmony in our home, keep us in step with those around us.


-Creating household routines that keep us from chaos, keep us running smoothly toward our goals.


-Cultivating family and personal traditions that create a sense of belonging, show us how we fit within the story of us.


We understand that our rhythms and routines are there to serve us, and not the other way around.

We recognize the freedom and flexibility to adapt our rhythms, routines, and traditions as needed, given our season of life.


We understand that traditions do not have to be elaborate in order to be meaningful.

We have a deep desire to see the stories, lessons, and crafts taught to future generations.

We honor those who have gone before us by keeping their stories, lessons, and crafts alive.


We are legacy makers: curating and cultivating rhythms, routines, and traditions for a meaningful life to leave a legacy that matters.

3 thoughts on “The Legacy Maker’s Manifesto

  1. Hi Rebecca! I commented on this post when you shared it in the Friday shares with Hope*Writers back in August. I am planning to link to it in my blog post which will be live tomorrow (Monday, October 5th.) Thank you for sharing this!


  2. I love the idea of a Legacy Manifesto. My children are grown, so my personal Legacy Manifesto might look very different, but it's a powerful testament to the role of rhythms, routines, and traditions in our lives, whatever stage we're in. Glad you shared it in Hope*Writers.


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