This post is part of a series from the hope*writers New Year Writing Challenge.  Here is my post from day 4: Dream.

Dreams are funny, funny things.  Sometimes they come true, and sometimes they are deferred, and sometimes they remain a dream, but I don’t think they are ever really exactly what we thought they would be.

Life will always twist and turn so that even when we have “dreams come true”, there is always an element of the unknown, and the unknowable.

I dream of hours spent writing, weaving words and sentences together in ways that are profound and life changing, yet what often comes out on paper is more for me than anyone else.  It can be frustrating when what feels like your best writing can also never be shared.

But that’s also why I keep coming back to it.  Not for the laurels or the likes or the acknowledgements.  But because I know that my dream of writing, and the walking out of that dream, is for me as much as I hope my words are for you, if not more so.  I write to speak to my own soul, to change my own heart, to examine my own flaws.  And if some of that speaks to you along the way, then maybe my dream has come true.

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