Christmas Traditions: Food

This weekend, we will bake.
Food is a favorite way to celebrate and mark traditions around here. In a year when many other traditional ways we would celebrate aren’t possible, we are holding tightly to this one. There will be literal piles of cookies in my kitchen. It makes me happy just thinking about it.
My list of traditional Christmas items:
  • Spritz cookies (Swedish Butter Cookies)
  • Chocolate Crinkles
  • Peppermint Bark
  • Applesauce cookies
  • Rum Sticks
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels
There are some other goodies that will be arriving soon:
  • Almond Roca
  • Grandma’s Cookies
  • Plum Torte
I’m crossing my fingers for Christmas Caramels, as well, but I’m not sure how well they ship.
My mom claims that the “traditions” gene skipped a generation when it comes to her, but I know better. When these goodies arrive at my door, there will be squeals of joy and excitement from all who live here. When it comes to food and dessert, we know how to celebrate, this family of mine.
Lately, I’m loving incorporating our five senses into how we celebrate the season. My home is littered with evergreen and cinnamon scented candles, our twinkle lights are all aglow, there are soft, cozy throws on my couch, and Christmas music fills the air. We’ve been eating all the wintery comfort foods like soup and bread, and the excitement will only build when we bring the Christmas goodies into the mix.
In a year when so many traditions have been changed or even downright cancelled, it feels a bit like coming home when we pull out the timeworn, tried and true recipes. After all, Christmas wouldn’t feel the same without them.
What’s on your “must-have” list of Christmas food?

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