{Writing Wednesday, Thursday edition: The Train}

Yesterday’s Writing Wednesday prompt: train.  Here’s what came from a 10 minute writing session.  Enjoy!

She pulled open the door of her compartment, swaying as the train rounded a bend.  She reached out  to keep her balance, her fingers contacted smooth paneling.  She reached across the small hallway, and again her fingers came in contact, this time with a railing.  The cold metal of the rail worked its way up her arm until she shivered from the cool touch.  As she moved, her fingers trailed each side, noting the change in texture of the compartment doors, and the small seams in the metal rail where two lengths of pipe had been joined.  Her feet made almost no noise against the soft carpet, a simple swish of her slippers barely reached her ears above the sound of the wheels on the rails.  She noted the change in texture as she neared the end of the car, and slowed her pace.  Ahead, the perils of changing cars alone.  To the side, the lavatory, yet not her purpose in leaving the safety of her compartment.  Behind, back to her safe place, yet her stomach’s growl reminded her that the dining car was yet ahead. 
She paused, then turned, as a compartment door slid open somewhere behind her.  She sensed a presence moving nearer, but no sound reached her ears.  Her anxiety began to mount, as it nearly always did in these sort of situations.  What should she do?  Forge ahead, and risk looking like a fool as she slowly, carefully, picked her way between the two cars?  Escape to the safety of the lavatory, waiting out the approaching stranger?  Simply return to her compartment, and disregard her growling stomach?  She stopped, ready to reach for the lavatory handle, sensing that one wrong move would have her colliding with the stranger.  Suddenly, a voice from the past filled her senses.
“Margaret?  May I help you?”  A rush of memories of love lost and found again crashed over her as she fainted into his arms. 

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