{Writing Wednesday: Childhood Memories}

Writing Wednesday is back!  As part of my ongoing practice of reflection and growing and sharing, it seemed like the right time to bring back an intentional day of sharing some of what I’ve been writing.  In my current practice of journaling, which I hope to share more about soon, I’ve been writing about a life memory once a week.  Sometimes this has been more of a reflection what I learned or how that memory impacted my life, and other times, it’s been more of the joy and love that comes from having been loved well.  Today’s share is a poem that came from a childhood memory.  Enjoy!

When I was sick at school
my grandma came and
picked me up and
took me to her house
up the Rattlesnake
where I would lie
on a fresh sheet
that covered
the scratchy davenport
with a pillow and
a blanket and
a bucket and
the bright daylight would
fill the living room
as Bert and
Ernie and
Big Bird
filled my mind.
I would sleep and
shiver and
a fresh afghan would
cover me and
pink medicine would
pour down my throat until
a small red Mazda drove into
the alley to
bring me home.

I’d love to hear from you!  What memories do you have from your childhood that bring back that feeling of being loved and cared for?

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