{Writing Wednesday: Write Your Enneagram}

I recently started following author Ashley Abramson on Instagram, and she offers weekly writing prompts for her followers.  In an effort to stretch myself with regard to my own writing, I’ve given a couple of them a try.  Recently, she did a couple of prompts about writing your enneagram.  If you don’t know what the enneagram personality types are, there is information here.

Personality tests and types have always fascinated me.  It’s amazing to me the things that shape who we are, and the we have such a creative God that He makes us so that we are all so unique, yet so similar.  On the enneagram test, I am a type 1 wing 9 (fellow type 1’s, raise your hands!!).  When it comes to my writing, being a type 1 can mean that unless I can get my words to come out perfectly, it’s not worth doing.  And my wing 9 has me convinced that my voice doesn’t matter anyway.  It that’s not a perfect combination for silencing my own voice, I don’t know what is.

Back to the writing prompts.  The writing prompt I’m sharing today was to create a poem from your enneagram type.  Sharing my writing with all of you more regularly is something that has been on my mind since this post, so it’s no surprise that my Enneagram type poem came out this way:


Less than original
But with serious intent
I name myself an author.

Words like a scalpel
Must be delivered
with surgical precision.

The why of my silence
to “do no harm”
Yet one small slip will cause pain.

My lips remain sealed
My pen flat on the page
Perfection daunts me

A choice: peace over war
To know thyself
But the battle rages within

When used correctly
the scalpel brings healing.
Pen in my hand,
Words in my mouth,
Do I dare to trust?

So, what’s your enneagram type?  I’d love to hear from you!

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