{The Sound of Sisterhood}

One evening, I was sitting on my couch doing what moms do at the end of a long day… relaxing (i.e. browsing Netflix).  Suddenly laughter and silliness and Disney sing-a longs broke into my consciousness and took root in my heart.  My two teenage girls just enjoying being together, being sisters, sharing the small moments that create family.  And this poem was born.

The Sound of Sisterhood

Piano keys pressed
Guitar strings ring
Together for chords and melodies
Two voices join in singalong song

Blending together
sounds of youth drift me back
I pause recollection to bring forward the present
Two voices raised together in song

I smile as the sound becomes
Light, joy laughter embeds
Floorboards and rafters
Two voices make laughter a song

Night and day, Sun and Moon
As different as can be
Their laughter rings, their voices sing
Hearts joined as voices in song.

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