{Writing Wednesday: Poetry Edition}

Happy Writing Wednesday, friends! It’s hard to believe that August is on the downward slope. In less than two weeks, I’ll be headed “back” to work, and I know many of my teacher friends have already begun their school year. This is a season when decisions certainly can feel overwhelming and I’m right there withContinue reading “{Writing Wednesday: Poetry Edition}”

{Life in October}

Happy October, dear readers! I know, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a blog post.  Somehow I always delude myself into thinking that summer will bring soooo much time for writing, and then *snap* it’s gone. Summer 2019 was interesting.  Without diving into detail, it was bookended by by turmoil, frustration, and painContinue reading “{Life in October}”

{WOTY: Trust brings Transformation}

As I posted before, my 2018 Word of the Year (WOTY) is TRUST.  I’ve made it a daily habit to be in God’s Word every day of 2018, and as I am reading, I am asking the Lord to teach me about trust.  Almost every day so far, there has been something that I haveContinue reading “{WOTY: Trust brings Transformation}”

{Word of the year: TRUST}

Living With Intention 2018.  It’s going to be an intentional year for goals.  Last year, I had a few goals, and I accomplished some of them, and others I failed at miserably.  This year, I have more tools to help me be intentional, but more than that, I feel like I can really do thisContinue reading “{Word of the year: TRUST}”