Writing Wednesday: What the “mums” saw

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Writing Wednesday, but with the close of September, the timing feels right for this post. Enjoy! Two potted mums flank my front porch steps. We pass through them, often unseeing, on our way into the world, to work, to play, to conquer and accomplish the tasks ofContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: What the “mums” saw”

Guest Post: Jennifer Howland

Hello, lovely readers! I’m so excited to host my first ever guest post! Fellow hope*writer Jennifer Howland tells stories of legacies of women in her family, that ultimately lead to the most important legacy we leave: our eternal legacy. Read on: Autumn is saturated with sensory feelings and experiences that we love. So often, allContinue reading “Guest Post: Jennifer Howland”

Wake Me Up When September Ends

It seems to me that September has often brought change and transition into my life. Obviously, there’s the years of navigating those first days of school, first as a student and later as a teacher. There was the year in high school when September brought me an unlooked-for breakup, and another year when it sawContinue reading “Wake Me Up When September Ends”