Menu Monday (on a Tuesday) 7.19.21

Happy #menumonday, friends! And yes, I fully realize that today is Tuesday! We travelled most of the day yesterday to get back from our anniversary trip, so I didn’t have a chance to post this week’s menu. Our trip was absolutely amazing. We went to the Oregon Coast and visited our favorite haunts there. CannonContinue reading “Menu Monday (on a Tuesday) 7.19.21”

Wide Open Spaces: Four Ways to Necessary Life Margins

My margins are shrinking again. I’m not sure I like it. Pre-pandemic, in response to years of living out the tagline, “I thrive on chaos,” I’d placed some solid margins and boundaries in my life because the reality was that I wasn’t thriving. At all. For a season, my margins grew wider, and it wasContinue reading “Wide Open Spaces: Four Ways to Necessary Life Margins”